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Garnets are Forever

Garnets are Forever

January’s Garnet

2022 has arrived, and with every new year comes another chance to start anew, whether you believe in new year’s resolutions or not. January's gemstone and birthstone is the garnet. This gem also is traditionally given on 2nd anniversaries! This usually red stone represents love, health, good luck, prosperity and friendship. A great way to start the year! 

The garnet is a very popular stone in ancient Rome, and is known to be used as a talisman for protection. Nowadays talismans aren’t used as much but many make use of garnet as charms and pendants that are used as a necklace. Spiritually, the garnet symbolizes many interesting things! If you are interested in that you can read about that in our previous article about this beautiful gemstone here.

Garnets are known to be the most diverse gemstone, they can be found as many different colors, the most common and well known, red to the most rare like blue and green. Encompassing many different species, and up to 9 varieties, you can grab dozens of this unique gem and each one would most likely be different. 

Garnet Jewelry Care

If you are looking to soon own garnet jewelry or already have this beautiful gem in your collection, here are some tips to help keep your jewelry last long and shiney.

  1. Scratching on your jewel is obviously not good. The gem will lose its shine, nobody wants that! To help minimize scratching on your gemstone, you should store the stone separately in either a soft cloth or a padded case or container for jewelry. If any of those aren’t available, you can opt for individually wrapping your jewelry pieces in tissue paper.
  2. Clean your jewelry with warm, not-too-hot, sudsy water and wipe with a soft cloth.
  3. Avoid any heat to the garnet. The garnet cannot withstand intense heat and this will cause damage to your gem. That being said, also avoid steam cleaning for your garnet jewelry.
  4. Take off your garnet jewelry before entering chlorinated pools
  5. Put your jewelry on after you have used lotion, hand sanitizer and perfume. The chemicals may cause damage to your gem.

Styling with Garnet

You can never go wrong with a garnet piece in your outfit! Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and even anklets would catch the eye of people with the garnet’s red stunning beauty. The typical fiery red gemstone that the garnet is known for looks stunning around lighter shades. The garnet suits just about any cut and set, so go for what suits you. Whether you go simple with garnet stud earrings or go big with a vintage styled garnet ring or a garnet pendant with big stones. The garnet will stand out beautifully and complete your overall look.

White gold and yellow gold are the go-tos for this classic, stunning, red gem. If you are looking to pair this gemstone with other gems,pearls, moonstones, and diamonds are your best choice. 

Are you a January baby, or do you know someone who is? Do you want to wear your birthstone on your jewelry this month to show the world what you’re about? Or do you want to gift this gem to traditionally represent your 2nd year anniversary? Whatever reason you may have, Angelucci Jewelry is here to help you out with all your jewelry needs! 

Visit our website and let us know your thoughts. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have. You might also want to check out our custom ring builder. It lets you design your very own ring, and we can have it delivered to you! Also do not miss out on all our other educational content we have on our website.

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