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CZ Engagement Rings

Angelucci Jewelry offers an incredibly stylish and affordable alternative to Diamond Engagement Rings. That is our Cubic Zirconia(CZ)Engagement Rings.  We use only premium quality AAA Cubic Zirconias in all our rings.  The fallacy that you have to spend 4 months' salary on your engagement ring is just that a fallacy. If you want to spend more, by all means.  However, do not let an intimidating thing like spending thousands on your engagement ring hold you back from asking the love of your life for their hand in marriage. Angelucci Jewelry's vast Cubic Zirconia CZ Engagement Rings Collection allows access to happiness for everyone and offers a more equitable, fair access to everyone. Each CZ Engagement Ring is coated in Rhodium, a sister metal to platinum. In other words, for the look of real, you get the most bang for your buck. You can buy a diamond ring later.