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And it’s January! The new year is here, and we have been blessed with yet another year to do better than we did in the previous year. To make better choices, to feel better, to love better, to be better. That is what a new year represents – a new chance to just be better than we were. And we need to meet the challenges of this new year with a renewed vigor, a fire, an energy to take on everything the world throws at us this time and still come out on top, victorious!

And what better gem to represent that fire, that life, that vigor, than with garnet? Garnet is the birthstone for people who were born in the month of January, and it could not be more fitting. Garnet can be found in a variety of colors, from red, to fiery orange, to rich green. It is a perfect gemstone for any piece of jewelry that you would want to wear.

Spiritually, garnet symbolizes higher thinking and self-empowerment, strength and safety. Worn on a necklace as a pendant or as a charm, it represents our ability and desire to improve ourselves on a holistic level, meaning we level up on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. We learn from all the trials we have gone through in the past, and we take that lesson and that knowledge with us, and we use that information to make better choices in life, both for ourselves and for those we love and care about. And with this improvement in the way we look at things, we also improve the quality of our own lives. We empower ourselves, and we thus gain this power to better versions of ourselves. We gain a renewed strength to face on more challenges, and we do things in a better, safer, and more efficient way. We keep ourselves and others happy and out of harm’s way. Just take this pandemic as an example. In 2020, the entire world suffered from the seemingly unstoppable spread of the Corona Virus. Everywhere, people made terrible choices from their lack of knowledge and awareness of the dangers that the virus posed, and we ended up with so many casualties. This year, we have a chance to do better, to make better and safer choices, and to completely eradicate this virus. And it all starts with us as individuals to empower ourselves using all that we’ve learned this past year to be safer and keep others safe. And that is improvement, and that’s what garnet represents.

Garnet’s red color is also associated with the heart, blood, inner fire, and life force, and is considered to be a gem of love. It resonates with the second Chakra, otherwise known as Sacral Chakra, attracting its wearer to prosperity, abundance, protection, and enhancing its wearer’s relationships, whether it’s friendships, love, or business relationships. When worn as gemstone earrings, it helps to further ignite lovers’ passions for each other, deepening their connection, and further solidifies social relationships because its effects extend to friendships and social circles as well.

For those with a broken heart, garnet can be worn on a ring to symbolize strength, mental and emotional endurance, and healing. It helps to alleviate uneasiness, lift your spirits, and give you hope. And this symbolism extends not only to matters of the heart but for the body as well, as garnet is also said to revitalize the body and improve its wearer’s overall physical health, especially the green garnets.

You can also wear garnet on your bracelet or anklet, and you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you are. People will see your fiery nature, your determination to become better, to be better, your vigor and the life you want to live and represent. Your fighting spirit and your will to never give up despite all the challenges you might face will be a shining beacon to all the people around you.

So, are you a January baby? Do you want to wear your birthstone on your jewelry to show the world what you’re about? Or do you want to wear garnet to represent your desire to build yourself back up again, become stronger, make better choices, and just be a symbol of hope to the rest of the world like the superhero that you are? Whatever reason you may have, Angelucci Jewelry is here to help you out with all your jewelry needs! Visit our website and let us know your thoughts, and come to us with any questions you might have. You might also want to check out our custom ring builder. It lets you design your very own ring, and we can have it delivered to you! And do not miss out on all our other educational content