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Amethyst - The Healing Stone

Amethyst - The Healing Stone

Amethyst - The Healing Stone


February, the month of love, a festival of cleansing and atonement that comes at this time of year. We may believe that this month is for couples and that we need someone to make us feel loved, but let’s not forget self-love, which is taking care of yourself and who you are on purpose. It's all about getting enough sleep and giving yourself the time, love, and attention you need to refresh your mind, body, heart, and soul. Take time out for yourself when you are stressed, impatient, or just feel alone.

But, like with everything else, pursuing love requires clear thought and a calm demeanor. We at Angelucci Jewelry believe that Amethyst is the ideal birthstone for the month of February. This month's birthstone, a symbol of personal empowerment and inner strength, is considered to be a natural tranquilizer, reducing stress and strain, soothing impatience, balancing mood swings, and generally clearing the mind of whoever wears it.

Amethyst is a stone for faithful lovers. St. Valentine was said to have worn an amethyst ring with an engraved portrait of Cupid. As a result, wearing amethyst can aid in the development of a stronger connection between lovers, potentially leading to a more profound communion. Because of its spiritual characteristics, amethyst is a stone that crystal workers adore.

Some people believe that Amethyst has medicinal abilities that shield the bearer from toxic energies. Some believe that the stone's calming characteristics promote peaceful dreams by bringing us closer to the divine. The stone also helps the mind move easily in both the mental and spiritual levels, bringing clarity and tranquility to the waking mind.

Amethyst can be utilized to restore, advance, or maintain a loving relationship. Amethyst rings are also used by couples as a guarantee of fidelity in a relationship. According to legend, you can summon a lost love by speaking their name into an Amethyst stone. We don't know if this is just an old wives' tale, but it's worth a shot if that's what brings us true happiness.

People wear raw amethyst crystals and amethyst jewelry to bring serenity and harmony into their life. The most common methods to wear amethyst jewelry are pendants, rings, and amulets. Amethyst can be worn by diplomats and business professionals since it calms them and helps them come up with effective arguments. Amethyst is utilized for intimate accessories such as body chains, and others, in addition to jewelry to embellish one's attire. It's also used to dress up lingerie. This isn't just for aesthetic sake; it can also increase the intensity of lovemaking. There are no drawbacks to wearing amethyst, and the fact that it ranks a seven on the Mohs scale(diamonds are a 10) makes it durable enough for everyday use.

Amethyst Care

Regardless of how careful we are, all jewels are subject to wear and tear. Unfortunately, their natural beauty might appear to fade with time due to a variety of circumstances such as scratches, dirt buildup, or even something inherent in the gem's makeup.Fortunately, with a little cleaning, your gem's natural characteristics can often be restored.

Generally, cleaning jewelry is not difficult, but the process varies depending on the type. Avoid accidentally injuring your jewelry by using the proper procedure for the materials. And, if you're not sure what materials your jewelry is made of, take it to a professional jeweler to find out.

While we agree that an amethyst is a gorgeous choice for an engagement ring, it’s not ideal for daily heavy-exposure wear.

To prolong an amethyst’s life, it’s important to give it reasonable care. Amethyst is a relatively hard stone, ranking at 7on the Mohs scale of hardness. However, it is much softer than stones such as diamonds or sapphires,so they are more at risk to scratching and damage.

Caring for an amethyst is quite easy.

  1. Remove unwanted dust and oil deposit on the crystal with warm and soapy water. In addition to regular cleaning, take extra care while wearing the stone.
  2. Avoid bumping or scratching the stone against a rough surface.
  3. When storing the amethyst, keep it away from harder stones and metals that could scratch its surface.
  4. Heat is an amethyst’s mortal enemy. Extreme and repeated exposure to sunlight can cause the color to fade, so keep the stone away from harsh lights.

Like many other stones, harsh chemicals such as chlorine can also harm the stone as well as the band of the ring. Avoid wearing amethyst jewelry while sunbathing, swimming, or when doing household chores which involve detergents and chemicals.

A professional maintenance is suggested once every year or so to extend the life of your amethyst. Please contact Pasquale Angelucci at 949-302-0155 or at to get a free cleaning and maintenance for your amethyst piece.

Even with all this care, you may have to replace the amethyst on your ring after some time. The plus side is that amethysts are affordable, it will not be costly to have your stone replaced. However, there are people who’ve had amethyst jewelry that have lasted the test of time and been passed down as heirlooms to the next generation. It all comes down to how you take care of your jewelry.

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