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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

What is your average shipping timeline for online purchases? 3-5 days normally if the piece is in stock.  Diamond engagement rings take between 5 and 21 business days, depending on the complexity of the piece and the availability of the center diamond.

What if I have a question about my Afterpay account?  Customer Service: 855-289-6014. Monday to Saturday: 07:00-19:00 central time. Afterpay help page:

What is your return/exchange policy? 30 day returns and exchanges. Merchandise will be inspected and if, upon receiving them, they are damaged or altered, exchanges and returns are null and void.

How long do repairs take? Approximately 2-3  weeks from take-in to delivery.

What if I have a question about my Klarna account?   Customer Service:  844-KLARNA1 or 844-552-7621. Klarna support site:

How long do custom pieces typically take from design to delivery? 2-4 weeks depending on the project.

What does it take to repurpose my jewelry? 

  1. Bring in your old jewelry for assessment 
  2. Design with Pasquale your new pieces
  3. Pay for labor and/or new materials and
  4. Expect delivery for new pieces 3-4 weeks later.
  5. Enjoy a completely transformed piece and love it!

What are the types of Gemological Labs you deal with for diamonds?  We use GIA, EGL USA and Lab Created diamonds. Sometimes we also sell uncertified stones and other lab such as HRD from Antwerp.  Honesty, transparency and disclosure are the DNA of our business and the distinctions between them are clearly explained to our clients. There are good and bad diamonds from every gemological laboratory.  Word of advice: Keep an open mind.  The diamond chooses you...