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January has just ended, and by this time, most of us would have found a revitalized energy to keep on living. A new purpose, a new resolution, a new life. And now it’s February, and we’ll all be setting our sights on the one thing that matters most in this world: LOVE. This month is known as the month of love, and for good reason. After all, when we finally find a renewed sense of how we want to live our lives after the new year, we will also want to find someone to spend that life with.

But as with all things, seeking love must be done with clear thinking and a calm disposition. Which is why we at Angelucci Jewelry think that it is just perfect for Amethyst to be the birthstone representing the month of February. Because of all the association with love, passion, and the heart, one would normally think that a red gemstone like ruby or maybe garnet would be the perfect birthstone for February babies. But logic and rationality must be put above everything else when making any kind of decision, and these are things that amethyst is heavily associated with. Amethyst has long been regarded as a stone that symbolizes calmness, strong mental strength, deductive thinking, psychology, royalty, and luxury, as well as a promise of fidelity between lovers and would-be lovers.

According to some accounts, Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, used to wear a ring with an amethyst center stone to represent the promise of fidelity and loyalty between couples in love, which is a vital part of any relationship. It’s also said to help keep relationships strong by keeping the mind flowing freely, thus enabling people to think clearly and logically, consequently allowing them to make good decisions for themselves and for their partners.

When worn as earrings, it is said to further empower the wearer by enhancing their ability to have better ideas, as well as a sense of peacefulness, which is another thing that amethyst is supposed to symbolize.

Amethyst can also be worn as a simple, modest, yet elegant pendant for a necklace. For some cultures, the amethyst is a symbol of humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom, and is said to grant its wearer acceptance, high regard, and recognition or belongingness, both within our dimension and the spiritual world. It is a protective stone, and is supposedly very effective in shielding against unnatural and evil elements that surround us, both human and otherwise.

Women in the past have also worn bracelets decorated with amethysts to show their purity. This is in reference to the young virgin Amethyst from Greek Mythology, who apparently became the object of the Greek god Dionysus’ wrath after he got very drunk with red wine. When she cried out to the goddess Diana for aid, the goddess turned the young woman into a brilliant, shimmering stone.

But amethyst is not a symbol for just humility, calm thinking, and purity. It also symbolizes wealth, royalty, nobility, luxury, power, ambition, pride, and magic, among many other things. This makes the gem a popular choice for people of high position and wealth, and consequently making it fetch quite a dear price on the market. Politicians and people from prominent families have worn amethysts in their jewelry accessories to mark their dignity, grandeur, and to display the kind of extravagance that only they could afford to show the world.

For people of certain professions, amethyst is also worn as a symbol of their greatness, creativity, wisdom, and pride in their trade. People wear amethyst to show the world that they are independent, that they are mysterious, and that they are very devoted to what it is they do and who it is that they commit themselves to.

But no matter how you want to look at it, the amethyst will always be a symbol of love, sophistication, and purity, whether you were born on a February or not.

Whatever message you want to put out there with the accessories you wear, we at Angelucci Jewelry will always be here to be your professional help with your jewelry needs! Visit our webpage and let us know your questions, concerns, or suggestions, and maybe look at our other great gemstone jewelry options. We have something for your every need! Need a custom-made ring for an engagement, wedding, or just as a gift? Try out our custom ring builder! It lets you design your very own ring, and we can have it delivered right to your doorstep. And don’t forget to check out our other educational content as well.

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