From the idyllic hilltop Italian medieval village in Italy Atina to the metropolis of Los Angeles, our story is the story of love, passion and a striving for mastery.  Angelucci Jewelry represents four generations of jewelry making, of artisanship, of design mastery and of empathy towards its clients.

On jewelry, Pasquale states: “the right piece of jewelry transforms into an indispensable part of you… jewelry is part of the DNA of being human.” 

Pasquale Angelucci’s unique charisma, talent and passion for jewelry has fuelled his rise on the world stage of jewelry. He brings vitality and new energy to the trusted name of Angelucci Fine Jewelry.


Born in Los Angeles in 1974, Pasquale Angelucci studied marketing, international business and gemmology making him an expert in the jewelry sector. At 17, he became manager of the Los Angeles store and went on to complete a degree in Translation and Interpretation in order to expand his language skills to clearly communicate with his clients and suppliers. He then went on to work for two years with some of the finest jewelry designers in Valenza, Italy becoming a diamond buyer for a giant Indian wholesaler of diamonds. Living and working in Italy left an indelible mark on Pasquale’s perspective and understanding of the business, gaining fundamental knowledge of the international jewelry market on every level.

Bringing this knowledge back to the family business in June of 2006, Pasquale has created the possibility of expanding this small boutique into a worldwide brand. Paramount to his vision, however, is Pasquale’s realization that innovation only comes after respect for tradition.

Getting a straight answer from a jeweler is like expecting the same from a mechanic. Most jewelry salesman are interested only in selling and not educating. Angelucci Fine Jewelry, however, is all about education. Our expert staff will educate and empower you to make the right choice every time.

Diamonds 101
Similarly, with diamonds, there are certain universal, internationally recognized standards that hold water in the diamond arena. The four C's: the clarity, color, cut, and carat weight of a diamond are the foundations for determining the value of any diamond. What you see is what you get with Angelucci Fine Jewelry.
No gimmicks, no games, no half-truths. Only honesty, integrity and the capacity to listen to our clients' needs and act on those needs accordingly. That's the heart of Angelucci Fine Jewelry in a nutshell. Choosing the right engagement ring can feel like pulling teeth sometimes. At Angelucci Fine Jewelry, we soothe our customers’ anxiety by custom tailoring every engagement ring to fit your exact specifications. Angelucci Fine Jewelry prides itself on providing only the best quality Italian jewelry. 
Our dedication to customer service ensures every customer prompt, friendly, and outstanding service every time. At Angelucci Fine Jewelry, we are not so interested in making a profit as we are providing a warm, honest and family atmosphere in which to shop. For over 100 years, Angelucci Fine Jewelry has prided itself on integrity and excellence and we will continue to do so for generations to come.