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Pearl Necklaces

One of the jewelry industry's biggest obsessions is the pearl, especially for women. Pearl necklaces, for instance, are especially popular among women who want to really show their status, their style, their wealth. Pearl necklaces can have any number of pearls on the strand, or maybe just a single pearl as the necklace's pendant. Some pearl necklaces might even have multiple strands completely covered in pearls and other beads. It really depends on what style the wearer wants. Here at Angelucci Jewelry, we have only the finest pearl necklaces made from the finest materials to go with the finest pearls, crafted by artisans with over 20 years of experience, true masters of the craft. If you want something customized from your very own design, please let us know at 949-302-0155. Also, feel free to book a virtual diamond consultation today at We are here to serve you today as we have been doing for 113 years.