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Top 20 Things to Look for when Looking for a Jeweler

Top 20 Things to Look for when Interviewing a Jeweler

Uncaring Chain Jewelry Store vs Your Personal Diamond Broker and Jewelry Concierge?


Buying the perfect piece of jewelry is not a trivial activity. You don’t only want the very best-you deserve it! You need jewelry that fits you and your style, jewels that, with one look, speaks to your inner soul. Looking for the perfect engagement ring that is perfect for your future fiancé is much more crucial. If you are new to jewelry buying and are not sure about gems and diamond cuts, details, and any other specifics you need to look out for, keep on reading.


You need guidance from a real diamond expert.


Before you pick out that one perfect engagement ring that will symbolize your life-long commitment of love with you and your partner, or any piece of jewelry, first pick out the jeweler. Every purchase you make is important, not only financially, but with every other aspect. This is for you. Wouldn't it be great to have the best ring you can keep for a lifetime?  


Authentic jewelers sell quality gems.


Don't take your chances with incompetent salespeople at any chain jewelry store who just want to push you to make a purchase. Find someone - better yet, an expert who will take their time with you to find the best piece of jewelry. One who will take an adequate amount of time to truly deliver what you deserve and create an amazing experience in creating your dream engagement ring, because they know how much this means for you.  

Red flags are not something you should shrug off. We're here to help you know what to look for in a jeweler. Here are the top 20 things to look for when choosing the Best Jeweler:


Research their track record online


It is important to know about any significant failures a jeweler or chain jewelry store has made. No, nobody is perfect, but if you notice too many shortcomings and complaints with a certain jeweler, regarding jewelry making and even customer service, it is just as important to take note of this before you decide to work with this jeweler or chain jewelry store. Finding the track record should not take much effort, a simple google search is all that you need to find any track record. If you have difficulty finding any kind of track record, that might be a signal for a red flag.


Call them and interview them


Get to know your jeweler! Creating a professional relationship will make your ring designing journey enjoyable and will most likely bring outstanding results. Also, interviewing the jeweler you're planning to work with before engaging in business with them will give you a feel of how they work, their process, and how they treat their customers. This will help you know if you really want to work with this person or if they just don't fit with you. Your jewelry journey should be enjoyable.


Check their client reviews on Google

When you check client reviews, I would suggest not only to read the high rating reviews - you never know how true every one of those are - but instead, read the middle to lower rating reviews. This is the best way to get a full glimpse of how all their customer's experiences are and how the results were. I'm not saying to neglect the 5-star ratings altogether. If the jeweler's clients give a majority of 4 to 5 stars, then that's a pretty good sign that that jeweler delivers excellent work.


How much do they have the client's interest in mind vs just making the highest commission.


Some jewelry salespeople might give the illusion that they’re giving you the best by promoting their products. They do this by exaggerating their already existing jewelry's finest features and trying to emphasize how much better they are compared to what you are looking for just to make a commission. This is okay if you do not know exactly what you want and are looking for suggestions. Don't just go for what any jeweler suggests for you. Keep in mind the styles you personally like. If the jeweler doesn’t listen to your preferences, then that's a sign you should look for someone with your interest in mind.



Book a free Zoom call with them


Since it is harder to travel and for safety reasons, It is best to avoid travel as much as possible. Zoom is a free teleconference platform you can use to communicate with people online. Getting to know the jeweler you are planning to work with is made possible with a phone, computer, or laptop and internet service. Being able to actually talk and see the jeweler despite any problems or distance that may keep you from meeting in person can put you at ease.


Do they have a website and does it help educate you about how to navigate the confusing world of diamonds?


Having a website is necessary for any business, it gives you a chance to quickly check out what a company sells and what kind of jewelry they have to offer. You can easily scan through their prices and designs to see if they have something beautiful within your budget. You can even find some helpful blogs, some interesting facts, and even some special services the company has all on their website.


What is their story?


Getting to know the jeweler's story will let you see if they are really trustworthy, it can also give you an idea of how they got to where they are right now and why they do what they do. The legitimacy of their work can be seen through this.  Knowing their story can also help you feel connected to the jeweler, and expressing your personal preferences and styles can be made easier.


How long have they been in business?


Being in business for a long time must mean that they are really passionate about their work. This is also part of the company’s story. You can see the integrity and passion they have put into the business throughout the years. Not to forget the knowledge they have gained through experience. For four generations, Angelucci Jewelry has  been serving families not by being pushy and aggressive, but by being kind and listening to you needs.


Do they have Gemological education and training?

Getting a jeweler that has gemological education is a big plus. They know exactly what you need and more. They are the most knowledgeable in the art of cutting and valuing precious stones. They also identify gemstones. They deal with not only natural gems but also materials that make-up artificial gemstones. It is highly recommended to work with a jeweler educated in gemology to get you the best gems and the best quality cuts for your jewelry.


Are they helpful?

It is important that the jeweler you are working for is helpful. The process they have might become complicated and without some help, that will give you a hard time. So before picking the jeweler, make sure they answer these questions. Do they understand your needs and suggest some ideas based on your style or preferences? Do they explain their process with how long it takes from making the jewelry to delivery? Are they helpful with different payment options and installment? If the jeweler does all these things and more, you will have a great experience.


Are they super pushy and don't listen to your needs? 

We each have our preferences, and it is not pleasant when someone pushes you to buy a certain ‘trendy’ or ‘the most beautiful’ ring that just isn’t what you want. If you end up trying to buy jewelry from someone who just doesn’t listen to what you want and always try to push a particular item they have because it has ‘better’ features, then you should turn around, walk away, and not look back.


Are they contributing to your best interest or just trying to make a sale?

 If a jeweler just wants to make a sale, they will do anything they can to convince you that they have a better product for you in place of what you are looking for. They are excellent in sugar coating their words and suggesting ideas that sound irresistible, but are not enforcing great customer service and offering the best for your jewelry.


Do they really hear what you need?


A lot of people in chain jewelry stores are good with the ‘sales talk’. You walk in and they’re all very nice, making sure to show you all of the latest, trendy, and not to forget, the most expensive jewels they have. When you already have something in mind that you want - especially for engagement rings-, remember this is your jewelry. It is what you are going to wear for however long you want. Make sure the jeweler is delivering your preferences and needs, not what they want you to buy from them.


Are they fun to work with?

 Picking out your jewelry, especially your engagement ring, should be a wonderful experience. Having something that represents you and your love with your partner is a beautiful thing that will last for a lifetime. The experience in picking out, or even personally designing your ring should be memorable. Every time you look at your ring, you should never have negative thoughts because of bad experiences while buying your ring.


What made them get into the jewelry business?

 Finding out what made the jeweler get into the jewelry business will give you a good idea of how passionate he is in his work. Someone with a whole family background will be more experienced and most likely more passionate in jewelry since it runs in their blood. This doesn’t mean that someone just starting out in jewelry because they have always adored the gems isn’t as passionate. Get to know the jeweler and their passion in jewelry.


Are they truly passionate about what they do?

Most prominent companies deal in volume and they don’t give much importance to you and your specific needs. Someone who is an expert jeweler has spent their time; years and years studying about diamonds, gems, and the art of jewelry making. Their passion has led them to master the art and also improve, and to continue to learn. You can tell when a jeweler is passionate when they listen thoroughly to what you want with your jewelry and if they believe there can be better opinions, they will give you a choice to use their ideas for your jewelry.


What is their process?

It is essential to know the jeweler’s payment process,  jewelry making - especially for custom-made jewelry, delivery expectations, and any other service and the process they have. If their process is too complicated or just doesn’t work for you will become a significant factor in whether or not you will work with the jeweler.


How clear are they about the whole design process?

If the jeweler is not clear about his design process, it is possible that you might have some doubt in your mind about how well he will make the design and if it will be accurate enough. It is best to work with someone who clearly explains the whole design process for you to understand how the jewelry was made. It will help you trust the jeweler, and you may also learn some interesting facts about your jewelry.


Are they willing to go above and beyond to educate themselves about the world of diamonds?

When one is truly passionate in their work, they will go out and educate themselves in their profession. Being able to learn and then share this powerful wisdom with you, their clients, and clear the smoke and mirrors that is the typical way to sell jewelry to give you the best possible price for the best diamond?


Track Record of Success

If you are unhappy with any of the answers to the above questions, turn to a real expert like Pasquale Angelucci, Founder and CEO of Angelucci Jewelry. Book a free Zoom call with him today. It's Free!  He will spend over an hour with you and/or your partner to really discover together what it is you really envision for your perfect ring! We know you want the best. Book the Free Zoom today at: Call him Toll free at 800-462-7118, Text hm at 949-302-0155 or email him at

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