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The Sacrament of Matrimony

The Sacrament of Matrimony

The Sacrament of Matrimony


Although the concept of the diamond engagement ring is not a new one, spending three months of your salary on the ring kind of is.  Granted, I have made a great living for the last thirty years of my life selling amazing diamond engagement rings to couples in love.  While my passion for jewelry is undeniable, my personal sentiment is not always aligned with the jewelry industry’s status quo.  The diamond giant, De Beers, in essence, created the market for diamond engagement rings. Award-winning slogans like “A diamond is forever” is a timeless slogan that has made the diamond engagement ring the standard of what to buy when one gets engaged. But the average guy who really wants to marry his love just can’t afford that huge rock! An awesome alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring is  CZ Engagement rings

The idea of matrimony, where two people come together and build a life together built on love, trust and respect have nothing to do with money or buying the biggest and best diamond. I always tell my clients to do what is best for them. My parents, who have been married for 51 years this March, were married with very simple thin 18 karat yellow gold bands. My dad explained to me that he paid $19 for both wedding bands together (insane how much gold price has increased). My parents built an incredible business together; a jewelry store and my mom would only usually wear her wedding band.  Clients would always ask her “You have a jewelry store full of diamonds, why don’t you wear more jewelry?” And her response was always “This is all I need!” Amazing.  I am not suggesting that we don’t participate in the bounty and abundance this world has to offer.  I personally love diamonds and I am fascinated by them every day.  But the focus, the energy, I feel should be placed on the commitment to having integrity first with yourself and then with your partner.  The diamond will get dirty and you will periodically have to clean it and shine it up again.  But the love, the real diamond in the relationship, keeps shining more and more every day if you feed it with the right attitude and perspective.

Angelucci Jewelry is dedicated to your diamond education and we are here to assist and guide you in order that you may make the right choice for your piece, no matter what the occasion.  Please schedule a free diamond consultation with Pasquale at today.  Or you can email him at or call/text him at +1 949-302-0155.  Thank you. Visit today.



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