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Peridot-August Birthstone

Peridot-August Birthstone

Peridot - The Gem of the Sun

August is the last month of summer, before the fall when the leaves start to change their color. This month's birthstone, the peridot comes in a beautiful green color, also known as olivine. Its green color ranges from yellow-green to olive. The depth of such depends on how much iron is in the gemstone's crystal structure. Peridot crystals, like diamonds, are formed below the crust. Peridots are formed in the manga found in the upper mantle, and through tectonic or volcanic activity, they are brought up to the surface in igneous rocks. They are also the only gems found in earth-fallen meteorites big enough to be used for jewelry.   

Peridots today are found in China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, and the United States. For many years, the two deposits of Arizona in the United States were the largest peridot producer. Peridot engagement rings are most likely mined here. Peridot Meza is currently the most productive in peridot mine in the world. Peridot Meza is located in San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, east of Globe in Gile. This reservation provides about 80%-95% of commercial quality peridot in the world.

The records of where the peridot was first found are written in age-old papyrus scrolls from as early as 1500 B.C. They were mined in Egypt, on an island on the Red Sea. The exact location of the island was forgotten and lost until it was rediscovered in 1905. The navigators found it very difficult, seeing that the island was often covered by unbelievably dense fog. Legend has it that royal guards would guard the entire island and executed any trespassers as they protected the miners from thieves. They would then bring the peridots for the Pharaoh's burial treasury. No wonder, the peridot is the national gem of Egypt. 

This beautiful gem reminds me of a lot of the color of leaves before they start to fully change to their autumn colors. Many ancient admirers would mistake the peridot for an emerald since the deeper green peridots look very similar to emeralds. The peridot was soon known as "The poor man's emerald" because of that. Some scientists even speculate that Cleopatra's famous collection of emeralds consists of peridots hiding in plain sight. Though emeralds are significantly a deeper, darker colored green, you can also differentiate emeralds from peridots by their rating of hardness in the Moh's scale. The peridot's rating is 6.5-7, while the emerald has a rating of 7.5-8.

For many centuries, the peridot gem was generally used in protective talismans. Some talismans had specific roles; namely, those talismans featuring a donkey with a peridot gem were believed to give spiritual enhancement, while the talismans with a carved vulture and peridot were used to control the four winds and evil spirits. Many believed that if these talismans were to be set upon gold, the stone would receive its full power and be able to shield the owner and annihilate powerful evil spirits and "terrors of the night." According to Pliny the Elder, a great Roman philosopher, peridot must be worn on the right arm for it to be at its most potent. 

Not only is the peridot the birthstone for the month of August, but it is also given on the 16th year of marriage as a celebration. The peridot stone can glow brightly under lamplight; no wonder they were used to fend off terrors of the night, shining brightly as they did under a lamp, it wouldn't even seem like nighttime with all the light emitting from it. Egyptians knew these gems as the "Gem of the Sun" because of that. Nowadays, being gifting this gem as an engagement ring can symbolize that your special someone is the type of person who lights up any room, no matter the circumstances.

Peridots are known for a lot of other things. The yellow pigment in peridot's shade represents the rays of sunshine. Antients greatly believed that the sun heals and that the peridot must contain some of the sun's healing powers. The green shades represent growth. Together The peridot's colors symbolize a time of development, strength, and maturity. Here is a list of what peridot is known for, as well as some qualities:

  • Stone of compassion that brings delight and good cheer

Just the way that the peridot gemstone is a beautiful yellow-green color that gives out a vibe of positivity. This stone used to be used to protect their owners through talismans, so the peridot gives a sense of care.

  • Brings good health and restful sleep

The peridot, throughout its history, is known to shun away evil thoughts and darkness. The way the stone glows under a lamp, bringing more light in the area. Carrying this fact and history throughout the centuries has its influence. More restful sleep from a peaceful mind will result in better health.

  • Attracts love and calms anger by giving renewal brings peace to existing relationships by balancing emotions and the mind and freeing the mind of envious thoughts that can damage and strain relationships.

As mentioned above, the peridot is a stone of compassion. With compassion, there is love and peace. The darkness that the peridot was known to destroy can also work with the darkness inside oneself, such as any unpleasant thoughts. Without those thoughts, there is peace of mind.

  • An uncanny ability to inspire eloquence and creativity

Having peace of mind, free of any negative thoughts and disturbances can inspire one to be more creative and confident when speaking and interacting with other people.  

There is no doubt that the peridot gem is a gem of light, love, peace, and compassion. If you are looking to buy jewelry with this month's gemstone for yourself or an engagement ring for your loved one, you came to the right place. (( If you want to check out the other month's gemstones, click here )). With Angelucci Jewelry, you can custom build rings to your liking. Angelucci Jewelry will be there to provide you precisely what your heart desires from gemstone jewelry to diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.

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