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Angelucci-Jewelry-November Birthstones Citrine and yellow topaz

November Birthstones - Topaz and Citrine

November- Topaz and Citrine

Finally, November is here. Just one more month, it will be Christmas, the holiday seasons, the time of the year where people all over the world celebrate and get together and give each other gifts. It is many people’s favorite time of the year. But what about this month, the month of November? Just because it isn’t Christmas yet, does not mean you can’t give gifts to the ones you love and treasure, right? And what better gift to give them than something they can wear and use every single day to remind them of your love and friendship than a beautiful piece of jewelry? A necklace with a pendant, or a pair of earrings, maybe a bracelet? And of course, how about a ring? A friendship ring to let them know how much you value them is always a great choice for a present.

But of course, for many people, especially those in love, the best gift they could ever give or receive is the gift of commitment, a promise that you’ll stick by them through the ups and downs of life, and be with them until death. That is the most beautiful thing in the world – love. And the best way to show this unending commitment to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? An engagement ring.

Birthstones for each month are not limited to people who were born in that particular month, but rather, they are the symbols that represent what that month is about. And so, the birthstone for any given month can be given to any person you want to give it to, regardless if they were born in that month or not. It is simply to mark that specific time of the year when you gave them that gift to represent what that stone and that month symbolize, so those charms can be with them all year round.

But before we talk about golden topaz and citrine, which are the birthstones for this month of November, let’s talk about what the month of November is all about. As the month that comes right before the Christmas season, November is heavily associated with anticipation, excitement, expectation, preparation, and planning. It also represents friendship, the first bond we form consciously with other people who are not related to us by blood. We humans are made to be social creatures, as is evidenced by our constant need for fellowship.

November is also right after October, whose last day is celebrated in many places as Halloween, which was originally celebrated by the Ancient Celtics to ward off ghosts and evil spirits. For this reason, November is seen by many as a month of spiritual freedom and recovery, which is one of the many reasons why golden topaz and citrine jewelries are a popular gift choice during this time.

Golden topaz, otherwise known as yellow topaz, is said to help people bring their wishes to fruition by boosting their faith and bringing helpful people to their side, thus helping them turn their dreams into reality. Basically, it is a stone that supposedly brings joy and peace in the form of fulfilled desires. This symbolism is a perfect complementary element to the representations of November, from the preparation and planning, the excitement and anticipation, to the spiritual liberation and recovery from evil. The golden topaz is said to bring these pure thoughts into reality by allowing people to come into one’s life that’ll help them achieve their goals.

Golden topaz, as the name suggests, is a topaz with a golden-yellow color. It looks a little like honey-colored diamond and is absolutely beautiful. It is famed for its intense sparkle and clarity. And if you’ve read our 4C’s blog or watched our video provided by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), you will know that clarity is a key factor to any gem’s value along with the other 3 C’s: color, carat, and cut.

The other birthstone for November babies, Citrine, is not very different. It is a variety of quartz whose color can range from orange to yellow. In some cases, it can look very similar to a golden topaz, which is probably one of the reasons why the two precious stones are both birthstones for the same month. The gem’s name, citrine, is derived from the citron fruit which is very similar to the lemon. It is highly valued for its sheer brilliance and beauty, and is normally associated with the warmth of the sun and the vitality of life, as well as happiness through success. It is a true beauty regardless of what jewelry you put it on, be it as a pendant on a necklace, an earring, or the center stone for your wedding band or engagement ring.

So these precious gems look a lot like each other and are both perfect for the month of November, both for their beauty and the way they complement the symbolisms for the month. Which one do you like more, and which one do you think would be a better gift to match the message you’re trying to convey to your loved ones? Need expert guidance? Don’t hesitate to contact us or book an appointment for a free one-on-one consultation. And if you have a specific design in mind for a ring you want, visit the Angelucci Jewelry website and check out our ring builder. We will be there to assist you throughout the process. Make sure to check all our educational content as well.

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