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May – the absolute peak of the spring season where every single plant, tree, and herb turns green, all the flowers start blossoming, and all the local fauna come out of their winter refuge to feed and breed, right before summer starts. It is truly a wonderful sight to behold – the renewal of life. And that is what the emerald, the birthstone for people born in May, represents: renewal and rebirth. It is also quite fitting as gemstones go, since the emerald is a popular jewel that can be found in Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia, as well as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Australia, and some parts of the United States of America, and it is widely known for its rich green color, which is practically the theme color of the spring season.

All throughout the world, the emerald is highly valued not only for its beauty, but also for all the beautiful things it represents. As was already stated, it symbolizes renewal – not just for the local wildlife and greenery, but also for our cores as human beings. It means the renewal of our souls, our thought processes, our energies, our spirit. It also symbolizes the renewal and rebirth of our humanly bodies. According to some historical accounts, the emerald grants its wearer spiritual awareness, protection from harm, love, and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Put simply, it represents the spring season for our whole being.

Ancient Romans and Greeks both believed the stone to be a symbol of the goddess Venus, known for her beauty and grace. Because of this, they saw the gem as a giver and enhancer of hope, life, and love.

Since its discovery, the emerald has been a highly sought-after precious stone. Traders would reserve their finest emerald gems for those of royal blood or nobility, as it would have been impossible for anyone who’s not from a long line of wealthy families to afford such a rare, precious gem.

Emerald is a popular alternative for diamonds as center stone for engagement rings or wedding rings. When worn on any ring, the stone is supposed to symbolize a strong, eternal bond between two souls, a love that is ever blooming and green and full of life. It’s also a great stone for any statement ring. Its bright green color would surely pop and turn heads wherever you are.

It is also a beautiful jewel for your earrings. When worn as such, the emerald is said to represent its wearer’s open-minded nature and optimistic view of life, as well as their simple yet elegant nature. It can also be worn as a pendant for your favorite necklace. This way, it can be like an amulet or a charm to keep you safe and protect you from harm, as well as to revitalize your senses and renew both your body and your mind. Not to mention it’s just plain beautiful to look at.

People who like to be out in nature would oftentimes wear emerald bracelets or anklets. Apparently, doing so enhances your experience of being one with mother earth. In fact, in many mythologies and folklore stories, emerald was almost always the precious stone representation of the earth element, and has been widely perceived as having the ability to make plants grow and help wild animals thrive in the circle of life.

For those of a more sophisticated, fashionable, and luxurious lifestyle, emerald has long been a symbol of greatness, wealth, and style. It is said to be a precious stone that a rich person must have in order to attract more money.


No matter what kind of jewelry you would want to wear, emerald will always be a great addition to it. And we here at Angelucci Jewelry are always more than happy to assist you with your jewelry needs in any way we can. Ask us anything with regards to jewelry and we will get right back to you as soon as we can. You might also want to check out our custom ring builder. You can design your very own ring, and we will have it delivered right to your house. And do not forget to check out our other educational content as well!